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It takes legwork on your part when you are looking to hire a contractor for your wildlife control project. Here are some questions that you should consider to ask when you are interviewing potential companies:

  • What strategy are you going to use to solve my specific wildlife problem? There are a variety of trapping methods, as well as, exclusion methods.

  • How comprehensive is your inspection?

  • Will you be setting traps inside or outside my home? How frequently will they be checked, and do I need to be home?

  • What happens if we catch a critter that we were not expecting (non-targeted animal)?

  • What happens if we don't catch anything?

  • Do you have adequate manpower for my project at this point in time? Workloads can vary dramatically at different times of the year, and do they have adequate resources (employees) to service your job?

  • What is your guarantee? What happens if the problem reoccurs?

  • How do you price the job? There are various ways that companies price a job, and each has its advantages or disadvantages. Flat rate price, per animal, or per trip are common. Wildlife projects vary widely, and there is not a perfect strategy for both the consumer or the company. In the end, you want to find something that seems fair to both parties for the level of service that you desire. In this industry, you pay up for quality service and repairs. Be wary of a cheap price.

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