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It's time to put on your investigator hat and do a little research on the company that you are looking to hire. Here are some things to look at when hiring a company:

  • Determine who you will be dealing with. Some companies have multiple websites or operate under a variety of names (DBA's). Is this company related to another that you spoke too? Is it a company, or independent contractor?

  • Does the company carry both liability and workers compensation insurance? Check workers comp coverage here.

  • Does the company have any unresolved complaints with the Better Business Bureau? It is common for a larger business to have complaints, but did they rectify the issue?

  • What are online reviews like? Does the company respond to reviews? If there are compaints, do you like how the company handled the complaint? Is there a trend?

  • Does the company anwser the phone when you call? Having the resources to answer the phone is important, especially if a problem arises during your project.

  • What type of credentials does the company carry? Most states require a license or permit as a minimum.

  • What is the backround of the leadership? Some organizations have Biologists, CWCP's, or both integrated into the team. This is extra education, but it may help you identify companies that have the resources and commitment to be there for you in the future.

  • Most States require a license or permit to manage wildlife problems. Is the company properly licensed?

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