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Welcome to our A Wildlife Pro DFW page.

The owner, Matt Evans has a unique background starting where he gained experience for sincere customer service during his college internship at Walt Disney World. As a supervisor, he has helped to calm stressed passengers at the Transportation Security Administration. He is also a 5 time world champion in Isshinryu karate and he will not lose to any critter.

His strategy for wildlife control is as unique as his background. This is not a typical trapping company. Their modern wildlife control strategy involves humane exclusion. Rather than trapping critters, they prefer to lock them out of your home so they can't get back inside.

He has developed a variety of techniques and programs that are standardized for any animal he encounters in attics. These methods have proven to be more effective in the long term, as well as ecologically sound since it does not require the relocation or destruction of the wildlife. These humane practices make both the critters and homeowners happy. He also spends much of his time dedicated to wildlife rehabilitation, caring for many orphaned or injured native animals.

Matt is also a certified home inspector and a licensed insurance adjuster in 11 states. They currently have a small focused crew that covers the Dallas/Fort Worth region.

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