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Wildlife can cause significant damage to your home. Often, homeowners are unaware of damage until after they discover a wildlife problem. For example, a homeowner discovers raccoons in the attic space. You have to wonder how they got inside? Often, there is a hole in an attic vent, soffit vent, or even a hole in the roof! Problems that go neglected can lead to distrubed insulation and piles of feces/urine from raccoon latrines inside attic spaces.

Some wildlife control professionals are also tradesmen that can handle a variety of home construction projects. It is common to have wildlife damage repairs such as:

  • Fixing a roof vent
  • Replacing attic insulation
  • Installing bird barriers
  • Installing drip edge
  • Repairing construction gaps
  • Installing Ridge-Guard (on ridge vents)

  • If you are looking for a wildlife control professional, consider the repair of any wildlife damage.

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