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Are you looking for human bat exclusion services in your area? Or, are you struggling to locate a reputible bat exclusion professional? You may utilize our list of wildlife control helpline members. Give us a call to be directed to someone in your area that can help with your bat exclusion.

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Things you must know about Bat Exclusion Services:

    1) Bat Exclusion In Your State. When performed properly, bat exclusions are a humane way to rid your home of bats. The process protects both people and bats.
    2) Choosing a bat exclusion professional.
    3) Questions to ask about bat exclusion service.
There are no shortcuts to getting bats out of the house. Strobe lights, peppermint spray, dryer sheets, sonic blasters, sprays are all ineffective at bat removal. Performing a bat exclusion is the indstry standard to rid your home of bats. The process includes sealing up the entire home and installing one-way door devices over active entry points to allow the bats to exit. Bat exclusions must only be completed during certain times of the year. Bat exclusions should never be done during the maternity season. This is the period of time where the females are raising pups that can not fly on their own. Generally, maternity season falls during mid May- mid September. However, this range is accounting for the entire country. Big Brown Bat pups can fly in as little as 6 weeks of age. A local professional can hone in the dates to perhaps a 10 week period. When young pups are flying, it is safe.

There are a variety of professional grade products that are used to complete a bat exclusion. Ridge guards are problematic, as they are common entry points for bats. Louver vents and other construction gaps must be addressed and securred properly for a bat exclusion to be effective. A professional will have the proper knowledge to use the proper materials to secure your home.

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