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Occasionally, squirrels get into trouble and cause damage to homes in River Edge, New Jersey. When the time comes to get rid of the squirrels that are becoming a nuisance and causing damage, you will need a trapping service. Squirrels can cause damage if they are improperly trapped. You will want to utilize a business with experience in squirrel removal and exclusion/repairs to rid your attic of squirrels.

Squirrel Noise in Attic or Walls

Squirrels commonly chew holes in homes to gain access behind walls or into attics in River Edge, New Jersey. Since they are rodents, they need be removed due to risks they pose. Squirrels can chew wiring and disturb insulation within the home. You might first identify the problem when you hear a scurrying sound during the day when the animal is most active. You might even hear nuts being rolled around in the attic as they pile in their loot. Make no mistake, they are moving in for the long haul. We suggest squirrel removal services for your house. Additionally, the entry holes must be sealed to prevent re-occupancy by other resident squirrels. Depending on the time of year, squirrel species, and area of the country, squirrel exclusions can be effective. This is a more modern day approach to squirrel control in the wildlife control industry.

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Yard Damage

The constant busywork to burry and retrieve prized nuts can become a nuisance when your yard is damaged over a period of time. Additionally, the constant raiding of your bird feeder that is intended for cardinals or finches can be frustrating and costly - especially when the feeder is damaged during the process. Some people prefer trapping the local squirrels, but often some habitat modification can solve the problem. A local wildlife control professional in River Edge, New Jersey can help determine an effective squirrel removal strategy for you.

Emergency Squirrel Removal Service - River Edge, New Jersey

On occasion, we receive calls from River Edge, New Jersey residents that have a squirrel in the living room or basement. This problem can be solved by capturing the animal and removing it from your living quarters. By being knowledgeable on the animal's habits, a professional wildlife control operator can help. If you know where the squirrel is located, please try to limit his access to other areas of the home. Generally, this can be accomplished by closing doors to other rooms. Please remember that the animal gained access to your living space by accident – and would rather be outside. Avoid stressing the animal so it can be removed safely.

River Edge, New Jersey Squirrel Habitat

Squirrels are important members of our neighborhood community. They are fun to watch in the yard and help distribute seeds throughout wooded habitats. Each River Edge, New Jersey squirrel species prefers certain habitat characteristics. For example, the small red squirrel prefers pine forests where it can consume seeds found in pine cones. That said, squirrels are often captured in attics. Whereas the fox squirrel enjoys areas populated with hickories or oak trees where nuts are plentiful. Depending on geographic location behaviors of the various squirrel species can vary. In your back yard, you may have some of these tree species. However, you should ensure that branches are trimmed away from the house. This may help limit their access to your home, where they can cause damage. Also, if you enjoy feeding birds, consider a squirrel proof feeder. This will help keep squirrel populations to a manageable level, while saving your seed for the birds.

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