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Are you concerned with having live bats in your attic? Are you wondering what risks bats can present when they occupy your attic space? Do you need help getting bats out of the attic?

Many people have a fear of bats, especially when they are in your attic. You may hear scratching noises in the ceiling, or occasionally get mysterious bat flying inside your home. The good news is that it is better for you - and the bats - if they lived elsewhere. You can have the bats humanely evicted from your attic.

Bats in the attic can present risks to your family and to the resale value of your house. First, a very small percentage of bats contract rabies, and this must be taken seriously. If one of these attic bats gets inside your home, and you wake up with a bat in your bedroom, or you are bitten/scratched by the bat, then you must capture the bat for testing. If you can not capture the bat, you need to contact your physician for advice. Second, left unattended, bats will urinate and leave piles of guano inside your attic. Bats are not potty trained, and over time, this will cause damage to your home.

If you no longer want to have bats in your attic, then you need to locate a professional. This is a skilled trade, and you need someone with experience. Do-it-yourself ideas are simply a waste of time and money. Successfuly getting bats out of your attic requires skills of a professional. You should explore the wildlife control helpline member that is located near you for advice. These are some of the best professionals in the wildlife control indistry.

We have a very good list of professionals that can solve your bat problem. Give us a call, or visit our members by state.

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