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Were you trying to capture a critter in a live trap that you purchased from the local hardware store, and inadvertently captured a skunk? Now, you must figure out how to release the skunk without getting sprayed. How can you accomplish this mission successfully?

If you are wondering how professional wildlife control operators capture and release skunks, then you might just want to call one! Often, they will come to your home (for a fee) and swap the skunk into one of their traps and take it away for you. This is the easiest way to get your problem solved, without the risk of getting sprayed by the skunk.

These members are ready to help solve your skunk situation:
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We realize that some people insist on a do-it-yourself approach, but we would certainly recommend that you contact a professional whenever dealing with a wild animal, such as a skunk. In some areas, skunks can be carriers of rabies. Nonetheless, someone is going to give it a try and release their own skunk.

Generally, skunks are good natured and can be released without getting sprayed...most of the time. Utilize an old bed sheet and hold it up like a wall. The theory is that if a skunk doesn't have a good target, they won't spray. Slowly approach the caged skunk using the sheet-wall. It is helpful to talk to the skunk softly. You don't want to surprise the skunk. Slowly place the bedsheet over the cage, and continue talking softly to the skunk. At this point, you can pick up the cage by the handle (with the sheet over top) and carry the trap to a new location (if necessary). Otherwise, you can simply open the door to the cage and allow the skunk out. At this point you are probably thinking about being face to face with a skunk that is out of the cage. You just must remain calm, and don't move. Most of the time, the skunk will walk away without incident. Hopefully, you discover how good natured skunks are!

Best of luck, releasing the skunk from your cage trap. If this doesn't sound like a risk you want to take, please give us a call.

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