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Did you have a bat flying in your home and it got lost somewhere? If you are wondering how long a bat will live or survive in your house, you need to understand what is happening. Bats occupy attic spaces and occasionally get inside the living quarters of your home. This can happen on a regular basis without your knowledge - or you may notice it certain times of the year.

Bats can live a long time inside your home because they are very good at getting back inside the attic space (their regular roost) and exit to the outside to feed. Generally, they enter the living quarters through unfinished basements, loose attic hatches, or through unlined cold air returns. It is a rare bat that simply flies through the front door as a random occurrance.

Depending on the time of year and the climate, bats can live over 6 months without food and water. They accomplish this through a type of hibernation called torpor. With cooler temperatures, they are able to slow down their metobolism so that they can survive long periods of time withough food. Afterall, you do not see many insects (food) when there is snow on the ground. By the same thought process, if your home is very warm, they would require more food and water to survive. The length of time a bat can survive in your home is dependent on temperature. However, often, bats are able to move from the living quarters to the attic as needed.

If you experienced a bat in your house, you need to have a professional inspect your attic and home to determine if there is a bat colony present. Professionals can perform a bat exclusion to lock the bats out of the attic space and your home. Once you get the bats out of your attic, you will not need to worry how long a bat will survive in your house.

We have a very good list of professionals that can solve your bat problem. Give us a call, or visit our members by state.

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