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Do you have a bat flying in your California, home?
If you have a bat flying in your California, home, then it can be a hint that you have a larger problem. Bat live in colonies, and this means that there are multiple bats living nearby. Many of the bat species found in California, , prefer to live in attic spaces. Nontheless, when you have a bat flying around the house, you need help.

The first step, is to determine if anyone was bitten or scratched by the bat that is flying around. If you have young children, or someone was intoxicated, then you are not sure. If you woke up with a bat flying around the bedroom, then you might not know. In this case, it is important to capture that bat and have it tested for rabies.

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Second, contact a professional bat removal expert on the wildlife control helpline. Often, they can help capture the bat, and determine the next course of action. You will want to confine the bat to one area of the home, so it is easier to locate. When bats are flying around and swooping, they can be tough to watch. If you need the bat captured due to a possible rabies exposure, be sure you keep your eye on the bat. You may want to cover cold air returns in the room, because sometimes they can slip away through these vents.

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If there has not been an exposure, then you can open a window and let the bat fly back into the yard. Often, they will circle the home, and fly back into the roost in your attic. In this case, you are going to need a humane bat exclusion. You can learn about bat-exclusions and choose the best team to get the job completed in California, .

What are Bat Exclusions and the Bat Removal Process?
A bat exclusion is a process of sealing up a structure, such as your California, home. However, a one-way door must be used to allow the bats to exit. It's a tricky process because it involves working at dangerous heights on the home, and understanding the capabilities of the bat. This is a very specialized trade, where professionals are equipped with a various carpentry skills. It is an evolving trade where new products are invented every year.

You can learn more about bat exclusions on this website. However, this is not a do-it-yourself project. Save money, and hire a professional.

There are specific seasons that are best to perform a bat exclusion in California, . When working with a professional, be sure to observe the maternity season. This is the period of time where there are non-flying pups. If you perform a bat exclusion during this time, you put yourself at risk. Females will become very excited when separated from pups, it's like stirring up a hornets nest. Additionally, pups may end up on the ground where they could come in contact with children or pets. We understand that it can be stressful when you discover bats in the attic, or have bats flying around the house. However, there are other alternatives, that can keep you safe. Consider portable dome tents that can be installed indoors, to provide comfort until the pups are flying.

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