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The Wildlife Control helpline was started by Dave Kugler in 2018. His wildlife control experience began in 1994 when he was a wildlife control technician while attending college to become a Biologist.

In 2006, he started his first wildlife control business in Michigan. In 2013, he started his second wildlife control business in Ohio. One common theme that was noticed, is that people have trouble locating reputible companies in their area. It's a challenging business because wildlife occurs in waves or seasons. There are boom times, and bust times each year. It can make it challenging to operate sucessfully. Additionally, the industry attracts anyone with a pickup truck and a ladder. But, this business requires much more skill and planning.

He has met alot of wildlife control professionals all around the country. There is an active group of professionals that network in social media groups and professional development training. There are some really great operators out there and this website was created to put you in touch with them.

Our list contains professionals at various levels of their career, but we look for those that are established and focused on continual improvement. The Wildlife Control Helpline was developed to share our network with others. Hopefully, you find this resource as a way to narrow down your search for a professional in your area that can handle your wildlife control problem.

The public is free to utilize our network.

We try to maintain a quality listing of member companies in the Wildlife Control Helpline. Generally, we look for wildlife professionals who are leaders in the area they service.

This may be demonstrated by a variety of factors that may include qualities such as:

Commitment - Presenting a topic at a professional wildlife conference
Education - Certified Widlife Control Professional (CWCP), or Degree in Biology Experience - Maintaining a business for over 3 years
Customer Service - Good reviews in sufficient quantity to demonstrate treating customers fairly.
Reputation - Having a professional reputation within the industry circles.

Make that call to the Wildlife Control Helpline, and be connected to a professional in your area. They are waiting to help you today!

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While we believe the member company's to be capable operations, website users must rely on their own judgement and due dilligence when hiring to be sure that they are a good fit for them. These are referrals for users and this is an advertising site. We wish you success in solving your nuisance wildlife problem. These company's in no way represent the Wildlife Control Helpline, LLC.