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 There is such a diverse list of bird species in the United States. They are beautuful creatures that most people enjoy watching at their backyard birdfeeder. Birds provide significant enjoyment to birdwatchers accross the country. Nearly all birds are protected by the Migratory Bird Act. Many people do not realize that some species, such as english sparrows and starlings, are invasive and not native to this country.

Some species cause damage to crops, homes, bridges and signs. Pigeons are very messy and their droppings can damage and corrode bridges. Sparrows build nests in signs. Starlings can build nests that pile up year after year in attic spaces. It is not uncommon to find nesting material over 4 feet high in attic spaces!

There are a variety of control methods used for birds. Depending on the species, a Federal permit may be required from Fish and Wildlife. There is a veriety of modern control / exclusion methods available to wildlife control professionals such as shock track, spikes, bird slides, and netting. New products and methods are developed every year.

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